Ca$h Hound



Are you a Cash Hound? Find out by playing our handicapping contest based on your regular, every day wagering to see if you come out on top! Get ready to show off your handicapping skills on your own terms.


All players have an equal chance to win one of three prizes as a Cash Hound. It makes no difference if you're a big bettor or a small bettor, as long as you're winning. This handicapping contest takes away the bias of traditional ones and lets you play how you want, on the greyhound tracks you want, with a small minimum amount of wagering. 


Play your favorite greyhound tracks and make your favorite wagers, all using a bankroll that fits your budget. The contest is scored based on your return on investment (ROI), not on how much you wager.  



This is an R.O.I. (Return on Investment) based contest that utilizes your regular wagering during the course of the day.  Prizes are rewarded based on ROI on the players' accounts. ROI is calculated by dividing your gain of investment (wagering returns) by the cost of your investment (amount wagered). For example, a player wagers $500 on a Saturday and his or her return is $840. The calculation for that Saturday is as follows:


$840 (Investment Gain/Return) - $500 (Cost of Investment/Wagers) = $340 / $500 (Cost of Investment/Wagers) = .68 or 68%


Eligibility & Requirements:

1) Register online by entering promo code: CA$HHOUND9


2) Wager the greyhound tracks like you normally would on at least 4 of the 5 days listed for the contest, which must include the final day (Saturday, September 30th). Minimum play required is $50 each Saturday played.

All active (opening deposit made) Greyhound Channel account holders in good standing and with a valid e-mail address will be eligible to compete.


Employees, officers and directors (and their immediate families [parents, children, spouses and siblings] regardless of where they live and members of their same households [whether related or not]) of Greyhound Channel, its parent company, are not eligible.


How to Win:

Have the highest rolling ROI among all participants after the results of the last day of the contest on September 30th.


Contest Dates:

Saturday, September 2nd

Saturday, September 9th

Saturday, September 16th

Saturday, September 23rd

Saturday, September 30th


A Leaderboard will be posted and updated throughout the contest following each listed qualifying Saturday. A winner’s list will be posted on the Greyhound Channel website no later than one week after the contest.



1st Place - $250.00

2nd Place - $150.00

3rd Place - $100.00


Winners will be credited and notified by email or phone no later than Sunday, October 1st, and will be required to wager the total amount awarded to them at least once prior to withdrawal.


In the case of a tie, then the player who cashed on the most individual bets will win the tie. If that still does not break the tie, the winner will be selected by a random drawing.