Our Play It Your Way promotion is a new FREE handicapping contest that follows a designated stakes series and allows participants to compete against one another as they play their way to the top of the leaderboard.


The chosen stakes for this contest is Wheeling National Futurity Stakes.



How To Play:

Each round is allotted $200 of play per participant. Simply submit your $200 in wagers with the link provided on the contest site prior to post for the qualifying races you have chosen to play in each round of the listed stakes series. Play it all in one race or spread it out over the qualifying races. Bets submitted in excess of $200 per round will result in disqualification of all wagers for that round.


Ex: Round 1 includes races 2, 4, 6 & 8 at Wheeling Evening. All $200 in wagers can be submitted for race 1 or spread out among all four races. If a customer submits more than $200 bets for round 1, no points will be accumulated for that round but they can still try their hand again in round 2.


There is no entry fee for this contest. No actual wagers must be placed to be eligible to win. All wagers are submitted through the contest site. Wagers will not be placed into any pari-mutuel system. The account holder is accountable for keeping track of the total amount of wagers submitted per round.


Should you choose to wager all of the bets submitted for a round using your Greyhound Channel account, you will be credited 1,000 contest points as a bonus. Five rounds gives the potential for 5,000 contest points. This is not a requirement to be eligible to win and is just an added incentive.


The goal of this contest will be to achieve the highest overall cash accumulation for the wagers submitted for each listed stakes race. 

Standings will be based on the mutuel payout of the wagers placed.  Ex: $2.00 Exacta pays $33.00, then the contestant receives $33.00 on the Leaderboard, along with the rest of any payouts they hit.


Maximum cash accumulation to go toward the contest for win = $42.00, maximum for place = $22.00, maximum for show = $10.00. If there is no mutuel payout for a selection, the contestant will be awarded maximum points for each position with no payout. There is no limit on payoffs for any other type of wager.


All superfectas must meet a base minimum of $1.00. Even if the track accepts $.10 superfectas, they must be a minimum of $1.00 for the purposes of this contest. All trifectas must also meet a base minimum of $1.00. Even if the track accepts $.50 trifectas, they must be a minimum of $1.00 for the purposes of this contest. All other wagers must meet the minimum requirement for each track.


Entries may be submitted up until post for each individual race. There will be no favorite replacements for scratched runners. If a greyhound used is scratched, the contestant will receive the amount refunded toward their accumulated mutuel payout. All wagers submitted are final.


Selections may be made as soon as the entry form is posted on the Greyhound Channel website. Typically this will be one to two days prior to the beginning of each qualifying stakes race. Each entry will automatically close at post of each qualifying stakes race.


Notification & Winner’s List:

A Leaderboard will be posted and updated throughout the stakes challenge on the following day after each listed race day. A winner’s list will be posted on the Greyhound Channel website no later than one week after the contest.


Winners will be based on total overall cash accumulated by the end of the last stakes race listed. In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected by a random drawing.


Winners will be notified by email or phone and will be required to wager the total amount awarded to them at least once prior to withdrawal.



1st Place             - $250

2nd Place            - $150

3rd Place            - $100


Just for playing, every participant will receive 500 points for our Greyhound Channel contest site that they can redeem for merchandise! www.greyhoundchannelcontest.com


The Stakes Challenge will start on Saturday, May 6th with Round 1 of Wheeling's National Futurity Stakes. The contest will conclude with the Final on Monday, May 29th. The contest will consist of the following qualifying stakes races for the National Futurity Stakes.


* Round 1             -            Saturday, May 6th

* Round 2             -            Thursday, May 11th

* Round 3             -            Sunday, May 14th

* Round 4             -            Friday, May 19th

* Semi-Finals       -           Wednesday, May 24th     

* Final                    -            Monday, May 29th


**In the event of a cancellation, Greyhound Channel reserves the right to name a substitute stakes race. Greyhound Channel also reserves the right to cancel the contest if less than the desired number of participants/entries is received. Greyhound Channel management, whose decisions are binding in every respect, will handle all disputes.


All active (opening deposit made) Greyhound Channel account holders in good standing and with a valid e-mail address will be eligible to compete.


Employees, officers and directors (and their immediate families [parents, children, spouses and siblings] regardless of where they live and members of their same households [whether related or not]) of Greyhound Channel, its parent company, are not eligible.